We all go through different seasons in life. But, during the challenging times, we learn lessons that are key in the next steps of life and our future successes.

This week, Dreamer Anthony O’Neal joins us again on the podcast to drop gems on how to make the best of our life seasons, and build influence and income with intention and grace. Anthony shares how his experiences helped him get out of debt and build his financial literacy company that he so passionately shares with people looking to build wealth.

In this episode, Anthony O’Neal discusses:   

  • Why you should embrace your uncomfort zone
  • How writing a clear vision for your life can help you live in alignment
  • How to Build a strong network around you
  • 2 Key steps to create a better future
  • How to maximise your single season
  • How to build the right mindset to be a good steward of wealth
  • Why you should focus on building influence and impacting people first
  • Character vs. currency
  • Why aligning your vision with your partner’s vision is important

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom: 

  • Surround yourself around with people who actually make a million dollars,  and people who have the mindset of making one million dollars. — Anthony O’Neal
  • Embrace the season of uncomfort and don’t allow your comfort zone to become your kill zone.  — Anthony O’Neal 
  • When you influence and impact people, it produces income. — Anthony O’Neal
  • Character first then currency, because if you have character, even if you lose a job, even if you lose money, you can always bounce back because of character. — Anthony O’Neal
Show Transcript:

About the Guest:

A #1 national bestselling author, Anthony O’Neal has helped over 250,000 people set out on a path towards a debt-free life with his chart-topping book Debt-Free Degree. He’s reached over 15 million people in 15 different countries through his podcast “The Table” where he always keeps it real, relevant, and relatable. 

Apart from teaching others how to obtain mental, spiritual, and financial freedom, Anthony’s mission is to help singles maximize their single season with both intention and grace. When he’s not interviewing experts and thought-leaders on his popular Youtube channel, you can find Anthony golfing or on an adventure with his beautiful all-black German Shepherd, Rhaven. 

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