Erika Brown worked at a bank before becoming a full-time real estate agent and investor. That new career gave her the freedom to unschool her 3 kids while building generational wealth.

In this episode, Erika shares how she learned about investing in real estate from her wealthy banking clients. She discusses how she prepared to quit her 9-to-5,  the importance of building a wealthy network, and the different options to build wealth in real estate using OPM (other people’s money).

In this episode, Erika Brown shares:

  • How she got into real estate investing and bought 38 doors in 5 years
  • How to build an effective real estate network
  • Different strategies to buy properties leveraging OPM (other people’s money)
  • 5 steps to get started as a real estate investor
  • How investing in real estate changed her life and the freedom it’s provided her family

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • Becoming friends with people gives you a lot more opportunities in life than trying to run over people. — Erika Brown
  • Your financial situation and the location of the property, all those conditions, help determine what type of investing you should do with the property. — Erika Brown
  • You need to figure out how to use other people’s money to invest so you can keep your money and make it grow. — Erika Brown
  • Investing in real estate gave me the ability to be able to pause and think and not just survive. — Erika Brown
  • Focus on having an abundance mindset than a scarcity mindset. — Erika Brown
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About the Guest:

Erika Brown is a mom, a wife, and multiple business owner who primarily works in real estate. She is the co-founder of a brokerage and is leading a team of agents. She used to work the standard nine-to-five as a banker before stepping out of her comfort zone to pursue a career as a Real Estate Agent so she can spend more time with her kids.

She turned a career as a Real Estate Agent into a multi-billion-dollar Real Estate company that employs people, inspires communities, and offers online education to help others write a new sentence.

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