Growing up, most of us are taught to work hard and it will pay off. But it takes more than hard work to build wealth. It’s easy to be dedicated at work and get caught up in the endless cycle of hard work without being satisfied with how much you earn y or without growing your income or wealth.

The Dreamer joining us this week, Natalie Bullen, is living proof of that.

Natalie is a wealth and money mindset coach, financial planner, and owner of Unapologetic Wealth who went to school, got grades, graduated with an undergraduate degree and MBA, maintained a 750 credit score, and still found herself working two to three jobs to sustain. Eventually, she fell on hard times and filed for bankruptcy. 

That’s when Natalie changed her mindset and approach when it comes to money which has set her on a path to creating wealth and building a successful business.

Natalie teaches financial empowerment and provides money mindset training to help women of color embrace their greatness, and step into the wealth they deserve and desire. She believes in building wealth with flow and ease by using our gifts and superior abilities.

In this episode, Natalie Bullen discusses:   

  • How to let go of money beliefs that don’t serve us
  • Most common money mindsets to overcome to build wealth
  • The importance of Identifying your money story and disproving it to build wealth
  • How to overcome the “hard work” trauma 
  • Disassociating your self-worth from what you do
  • Techniques to overcome a scarcity mindset
  • How to embrace our greatness in business and life
  • Importance of leaning into your gift and strengths
  • How to step into the wealthy life that we deserve.

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom 

  • Lean into whatever your gift or your strength is. — Natalie Bullen
  • One of the mindsets that you have to overcome is the scarcity mindset. — Natalie Bullen
  • Disprove your story, whatever you believe, and start actively finding people who make that story untrue.  — Natalie Bullen
  • Everyone can rewrite their money story.  — Natalie Bullen
  • I think we need to keep in mind, that you’re not pricing for the business. You have your pricing for the business you want. You’re pricing for the things that you need. — Natalie Bullen
  • You should take your nine-to-five income and maximize it. — Natalie Bullen
  • Stop counting people’s pockets.  Don’t worry about who can afford what? Just put your offer out there.  — Natalie Bullen

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Natalie Bullen is a wealth and money mindset coach from Mobile, AL. As the owner of Unapologetic Wealth, she teaches financial empowerment and money mindset training for powerful women of color so they can step into the wealth they deserve and desire. She is also a Financial Planner who shuns traditional personal finance values rooted in shame, guilt, and fear and encourages followers to dream bigger, increase their prices and magnify their gifts.

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