Learning to put your money to work is crucial because increasing your earnings alone won’t be enough to build lasting wealth. This week’s episode focuses on the different habits to develop to own your financial narrative and secure your financial future.

This week, the Dreamer joining us on the podcast is Certified Financial Planner, author, speaker, and Founder of Your Story Financial, LLC, Shehara L. Wooten.

In this episode, Shehara shares her journey pivoting from her career as an engineer to fulfill her vision of closing the racial wealth gap and helping people put together financial plans to create generational wealth.

  • 4 Steps to Secure Your Financial Future
  • The different money buckets you should have
  • How to create harmony between your money-saving, investing, and spending habits
  • Why it’s important to use a financial planner who has a fiduciary responsibility towards you
  • The importance of tracking your net worth, managing your cash flow, and securing your assets
  • Mistakes to avoid when it comes to investing
  • Financial terms you should know

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • When you go through life, it’s not just about creating one financial plan. Financial planning constantly evolves. You’re constantly doing, planning, and adjusting based on life experiences. – Shehara Wooten
  • Sometimes, you can give money away. You don’t always have to keep it for yourself, you should sometimes treat yourself. – Shehara Wooten
  • As fiduciary, we provide unbiased financial advice, and we work in the best interest of our clients. -Shehara Wooten
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Shehara L. Wooten is an author, speaker, financial life-planner strategist, and the founder of Your Story Financial, LLC, a virtual fee-only fiduciary boutique firm committed to helping women and #STEM professionals move from unsure to confident about their financial decisions.

Shehara has over seventeen years of experience in the financial services industry. She is a Certified Financial Planner professional, helping individuals and families improve their financial position and craft their amazing financial success stories regardless of their age or amount of assets.

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