Cleo Childress is the creator of Cleo Yoga Finance. She is a financial educator, yoga instructor, and transformational speaker. Cleo mixes yoga and finance to help transform mindsets and create healthier financial lifestyles. She is also the Host and Producer of the Financially Free with Cleo Podcast. Her motto is “Don’t Wonder What If, Take A Risk!”

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How yoga and meditation helped Cleo get out of depression and a stressful financial situation
  • How Cleo made her way out of credit card debt, payday loans, and wage garnishment as a teen mom and became a financial educator
  • How understanding your money habits and mindset can help you make wiser decisions
  • How yoga can help you clear your mind and make wiser decisions to get closer to the life you want to live
  • Tips for talking to your kids about money, taxes, saving, and investing
  • Three steps to get out of debt and improve your finances

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Dream of Legacy Book by Anne-Lyse Wealth

Juno Formerly LeverEdge 

Jumiino Natural Skincare

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