I spent the past four months with family, adjusting to my new reality and setting objectives for the future. My first four months outside of the workforce have been slower than I initially intended. However, I believe it was needed as it allowed me to take a few steps back and reset. After my sister’s passing, I felt the need to reassess my initial plan.

 I started acting on a dream that I have had for many years, which is to write book. I took the time to assess how this sudden change in my life affected my views and plans for the future.

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“Sometimes you have to take two steps back to take ten steps forward” Nipsey Hussle

Over the past few months, I decided that the timing was perfect for me to work on writing my book. It also became important to me to find a way to reconcile my entrepreneurial pursuit with the desire to honor my sister’s memory.

My sister “Dr. Z” was an OBGYN who studied in Paris and fell in love with fashion. She was the life of the party and was a true fashionista. She was much more than that, but these aspects of her personality are most relevant to this blog post.         

I’m lucky enough to have other siblings, including another sister.

My sisters and I had been talking about starting a clothing line that would honor our cultural heritage. We were in the early stages but ended up putting that on the back burner as our older sister’s health started deteriorating. One day as I was looking through messages from “Dr. Z” on my phone, I found pictures of sketches she had sent. After many conversations, my sister and I decided we should finish the project together by designing a full collection.


The clothing brand will be called M&T short for Mamfen and Tama’. The name represents titles given to royals in the Western part of Cameroon. Our vision is for people wearing our brand to feel like they are part of Royalty. We are working hard at bringing our vision to life.

In honor of our beloved sister’s memory, we decided to name our first collection “Legacy”. As our sister has passed on, we are moving forward with our grief by completing this sisters’ project.

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“We don’t move on from grief, we move forward with it” Nora McInerny