Episode 100 What I Learned in 100 Episodes and Why You Should Start a Podcast

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This is episode 100 of The Dreamers Podcast! It’s been 100 weeks since the beginning of the show.

2022 is almost over but we will continue to be your consistent dose of weekly wealth literacy tips to help you live a wealthy life on your terms.

This episode addresses:
  • What I learned from running this show for 100 weeks
  • The challenges and struggles I faced since starting The Dreamers Podcast
  • How starting a podcast can help you in many areas including:
    1. Expanding authority in your field
    2. Expanding your network
    3. Increasing your income
    4. Thought leadership
    5. Continuing to learn

Podcasting allows me to reach Dreamers around the world every week, learn from amazing guests, improve my planning and consistency habits, and so much more. It’s been one of the best decisions I have made in recent years.

Check out the episode to find out more.

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • There were times when I wanted to give up when the show wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted it to, or I wasn’t seeing a direct return on investment. It was very time-consuming, but I had to remind myself of why I started the podcast in the first place, and this is really a true labor of love.
  • If you start taking your show to YouTube, then there’s SEO and Google starts associating your name with the topic that you’re covering. You are basically showing up more and more as an authority in your field.
  • When you have a show like mine, which is a guest-based show, you invite people on your platform, you share your platform with them, you build relationships with them, and it’s been an amazing adventure.
  • I truly believe that life is about constant education and elevation and the podcast provides me an opportunity to do just that.
  • I can definitely say that in terms of increasing my income, the podcast has been a great tool. I’ve had over six figures in income from clients, just from having this.
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