Episode 47 with Jessica Myers

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When you were young, did you ever dream of becoming a millionaire? Well, the Dreamer joining us this week has a blueprint for making that happen.

Jessica Myers is a real estate investor, developer and hotel owner. Jessica is a trained journalist who after working at her dream job, realized that she wanted more out of life. Jessica went on a long journey of self-discovery and began wholesaling real estate. She then established a profitable business as a real estate investor, and developer.

In this episode, you’ll hear the magic number $83,000, which is what Jessica identified as her monthly income goal to help her become a millionaire. And while that may be a stretch for most people, breaking down your goals into smaller achievable goals is essential to help you make progress.

In this episode, Jessica talks about:

  • Wholesaling in real estate
  • Setting a goal for your life and reaching that goal
  • Mistakes to avoid in the short-term rental space (Airbnb)
  • Finding value in things that are undervalued
  • Finding real estate investors
  • Understanding the spending and investing behavior of people with money
  • Reviewing your short-term, mid-term and long-term vision
  • Scaling your business without sacrificing your time and resources

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • Wholesaling is a low-risk way of getting involved in real estate. – Jessica Myers
  • Wholesaling is about finding a deal and understanding what to do with the deal to chance to transition it into money and learning what investors do to generate income from real estate deals.  – Jessica Myers
  • Even if the journey pivots or looks different along the way, I now have set a goal to go towards.  – Jessica Myers
  • As a wholesaler, you need to understand these basic principles of finding an undervalued asset, and now selling it for higher than what it’s worth.  – Jessica Myers
  • As a developer, you understand the true economic impact of the work that you’re doing and think about all levels of what you’re doing like working with community leaders to change the community.  – Jessica Myers
  • A lot of people say, ‘entrepreneurship isn’t my thing. It’s not for me/’ I’m not saying that you have to, but you want to have ownership around something that you’re doing.  – Jessica Myers
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Jessica Myers is a real estate entrepreneur and developer. She was afraid to make her first move in real estate for so long until she learned the business of real estate and how to set up a system of success. Now she has e renovated over $20 Million dollars in real estate assets and managed a 7+ figure portfolio.

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