Episode 75 with Ksenia Yudina

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One of the key concerns most parents share is how to build a bright future for their children.

Parents often want to help fund their kids’ college education or give them somewhat of a financial cushion to help them start their adult life.

One thing that can help prepare your kids’ future is saving and investing for them.

Ksenia Yudina, the founder and CEO of UNest, has created a solution to boost every family’s savings by launching an app and investment account. Ksenia talks about her journey moving to the United States when she was 18 years old with $500 in her pocket, obtaining multiple degrees, studying and being part of the male-dominated Financial Services Industry, and building a Fintech startup that helps parents build wealth for their children.

In this episode, Ksenia Yudina discusses:  
  • The importance of savings and investments diversification
  • Why parents should consider investing in UTMA and UGMA accounts
  • Investing in crypto for your kids’ future
  • Challenges that parents face when it comes to investing for their kids’ future
  • Her journey to success in male-dominated industries: financial services and Fintech
  • Challenges she overcame to raise capital to fund her Fintech startup

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • Education can open a lot of doors. Investing in education and your brain power is extremely important. — Ksenia Yudina
  • I would say success consists of three main factors. It’s education, hard work, and adversity. If you don’t face adversity, you rarely come to success. — Ksenia Yudina
  • When money comes easy, sometimes they also go easy. You won’t value the experience if you get investment from investors in an easy way.  — Ksenia Yudina
  • The first advice would be to know the risks before jumping the ship. And don’t pay attention to big success stories. Just remember that 90% of startups don’t even make it through the first round of finding. — Ksenia Yudina
  • If you do take the chance and you start something, then be resilient and don’t give up, because if you analyze the opportunity and you are on the journey, you have to keep hustling, keep talking to people, keep looking for the right partners for you.  — Ksenia Yudina
  • No matter the outcome, we first start up early on. If you create, you will never find out what’s on that. So it’s never easy. It just keeps going. — Ksenia Yudina
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Ksenia Yudina is a Founder and CEO of UNest, the first mobile app that makes it easier than ever for parents to open a simple and affordable tax-advantaged investment account for their kids. Ksenia is an entrepreneur and financial expert with over ten years of experience in the financial industry. As Founder and CEO of UNest she has spearheaded the development of the breakthrough fintech solution and raised funding from leading venture capital funds including Northwestern Mutual, Anthos Capital, The Artemis Fund, Group 11, Draper Dragon, Unlock Ventures, and Vested Ventures. Ksenia was a 2019 Finalist in Quesnay’s Female Founders in Fintech competition. She has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, American Banker, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, and US News & World Report. Ksenia was recognized as 40 Under 40 by Investment News and received a Rising Star Award from the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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