Episode 76 with Ellie Diop “Ellie Talks Money”

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With a recession looming, it’s even more critical to solidify your finances. Some of the ways you can do that is by not relying on just one income stream and putting your money to work by investing.

Joining us again on the show this week is Ellie Diop, Founder of “Ellie Talks Money” and Ellievated Academy.

Ellie shares tips to help you identify your gifts and monetize yourself. She highlights the importance of having multiple income streams, investing early in your children’s future, and talks about her mission to educate women on how to leverage entrepreneurship and financial literacy to build wealth.

In this episode, Ellie Diop discusses:  
  • How to earn more by monetizing yourself
  • The importance of having multiple income streams
  • Side hustles you can start under $1K
  • How she uses her income to build more wealth for the future
  • Tools she uses to build wealth for her kids 
  • How she is earning extra income through Airbnb and Turo
  • Investing in real estate

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • I have made it my mission to empower people, to understand how starting a business can change their situation and how they should leverage that money to create other income streams. — Ellie Diop
  •  I realized that the account balance isn’t what makes you rich; seeing it is the opposite of what makes you rich. It should work for you. It should be invested and be used as a tool to change your circumstances.  — Ellie Diop
  • I think it’s powerful for every parent to know that they can change the wealth circumstance of their children and future grandchildren by simple decisions and steps they start taking right now. — Ellie Diop
  • It’s important to have something on the side because, in business, one income stream is too close to none. Whether it’s a job or a business, you always have to be ready.   — Ellie Diop
  • When it comes to serving and creating products, it’s not about me. It’s about what my audience needs.  — Ellie Diop
  • You always have to be looking at what new problems are arising that I need to solve in my related nature industry. And when you keep that focus, you could never be broke. — Ellie Diop
  • I can still be excellent in my lane, whether I get invited to certain things or not, and not to take it personally, I recognize that things take time. — Ellie Diop
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Ellie Diop is the Founder of Ellie Talks Money & Ellievated Academy. She is a business strategist, author, and transformational speaker who built a multi-million-dollar business in one short year.

After losing her corporate job during the pandemic, Ellie used her $1,200 stimulus check to build a multi-million dollar online coaching business in one year. Entrepreneurship changed Ellie’s wealth trajectory, and she wants to help other women experience the freedom that starting her business has provided her. She is committed to assisting women to overcome their circumstances to build successful businesses so they can live the life of their dreams.

Ellie has built an online community of close to 350,000 people and educated over 40,000 students through her business coaching and online curriculum. She is a mother of four who has taught thousands of women how to start their business, build their business credit and scale up using digital marketing strategies.

Through her coaching programs and courses, Ellie has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started and build the business and life they desire.

It wasn’t perfect, It wasn’t easy, but she got it done. She started the business 5 months after finalizing her divorce-in the midst of losing one identity as a wife, she gained another as an entrepreneur.

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