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The time has never been more auspicious for Black people to control their

finances and achieve financial freedom.

Having economic leverage is a key priority in our fight for equality and justice.

In Dream of Legacy, the author shares financial knowledge to help build

generational wealth in the Black community and close the racial wealth gap.

This book will teach you the fundamentals of money management and help

you transmit the knowledge to your children and grandchildren.

You will acquire tools that will emphatically teach your kids about the

greatness in their DNA, and help them gain the mental fortitude necessary

to reach their full potential.

Dream of Legacy will help you take charge of your financial destiny and

change your family’s long-term wealth trajectory.

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Anne-Lyse Wealth began her career working at Ernst & Young in Atlanta. Before embarking on her journey to increase financial literacy in the Black community, she had a 10+ year career in Accounting

and Finance.

After identifying a personal finance knowledge gap among Black professionals, Anne-Lyse began to

educate her family, friends, and coworkers on the subject. As her interest in personal finance increased,

she noticed the lack of book options providing financial education to the Black community.

With her first book, Anne-Lyse decided to share her knowledge to help the Black community improve

its relationship with money, and build generational wealth.

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  1. Andong (verified owner)

    This book has been an eye-opener for me. First, it reinforced the idea that I add value to the society in which I live, but I need to acquire financial knowledge to actively contribute to the prosperity of the black community. Anne-Lyse Wealth dissects the financial knowledge I need to understand and has set me on my path to financial independence. I am proud to say that I am part of the F.I.R.E group (read the book if you want to know what that means), because I am looking for ways to spend time on the things that bring joy and peace, and not to spend time on the relentless pursuit of money. Ultimately, I hope to pass on the instructions from the book to my black community and future generations so that we can be successful. If you have to start somewhere financially, look no further, this is the curriculum on generating wealth.

  2. Eric Lucien

    I have read lots of books on personal finance and wealth but never have I read anything addressing this topic from a Black perspective.
    As a black entrepreneur and father living in North America, this book really provides in a simplest and efficient way the tools to not only help you and your family achieve financial independence but also instill in your kids the mindset and habits to build, maintain and prosper your generational wealth.
    Kudos Anne-Lyse. This book will definitely be a reference for me in the years to come as I go through money conversations with my Kings and Queens. Thank you.

  3. Joel N. (verified owner)

    This book is such a beautiful treat, with so many gems!
    Anne-Lyse does an amazing job demystifying and contextualizing what it takes to better manage our finances.
    Whether you are someone financially savvy or one who currently faces some challenges managing your finances; this book will either make you smile, guide you, encourage you, or uplift you.
    More importantly, this book will give you the strength and tools to not only better manage your finances but to prepare your family to create generational wealth.
    I would read it yearly!

  4. Shanice Dockins

    Great work of art, this book dives deep into the depths of your mind and magnifies the importance of financial literacy in the Black community and, how we’ve been impacted for centuries from lack thereof. It’s important to know your history and how you form certain habits, the author did an amazing job elaborating on key events that transpired. Also, highlighting how we can transform our poverty mentality into a winning /entrepreneurial mindset that will impact future generations. I loved how the author connected how we judge others and put ourselves in higher regards based on what we own/accomplish. By breaking down parts of experiences and getting into the minds of establishing a sense of self-worth before, attaining assets/placing greater value on material possessions. Overall, this is an outstanding book that covers multiple areas in your life that we all need more education and expertise in.

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