In a world where AI is taking a bigger space everyday, simplifying our lives but also creating new challenges, one of the important questions is how can we secure our information and finances from AI-powered fraud?

To help us answer that, the Dreamer joining us on this cybersecurity awareness month is none other than my husband, Serge Ngatta, a global product leader with extensive experience in product, digital identity fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance.

Join us as we explore AI identity theft, how we can develop “digital hygiene” to protect our information and finances, and so much more. Serges shares insights on some of the latest AI scams, and equips us with knowledge to protect ourselves.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Digital Hygiene: Developing safe online practices to protect personal information and avoid getting scammed.
  • Identity Theft and how we can protect ourselves.
  • The latest AI-powered financial scams including voice-enabled fraud and romance scams.
  • How I almost fell victim to financial fraud.
  • Utilization of AI tools for scamming and fraud, such as voice record imitation and theft.
  • Romance scams and AI deep fakes.

Tune in and arm yourself with the knowledge to stay one step ahead in the digital age. 🎙️💻 #AIIdentityTheft #DigitalHygiene #CybersecurityAwareness

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  • Introduction of Serge Ngatta [01:29]
  • Starting with the basics of understanding digital identity [03:08]
  • How scammers steal your financial identity [03:57]
  • Know how scammers get your digital and financial information and assets through phishing [3:44]
  • How Nigerian Prince email phishing works [05:47]
  • Personal Information shared on social media can be exploited by cybercriminals [06:25]
  • Anne-Lyse’s scammer encounter during a travel mishap on Twitter/X [09:20]
  • Online impersonations and the challenges with social media identity verification [12:38]
  • The integration of AI in committing scams and financial fraud: beware of answering unknown calls [14:15]
  • AI’s role in romance scamming — deceptive online relationships for fraud [15:59]
  • How can we protect our personal information to avoid falling victim to scams [20:13]
  • Rapid fire Questions [25:33]
Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • “There are so many nuances when we’re sharing information now online that we have to be mindful of.” – Serge Ngatta
  • “Ultimately, I think at the UNI level, at the peer to peer level, there needs to be identity verification on social media so that you know that you’re actually talking to a real human being.” – Serge Ngatta
  • “The basis for scamming and committing fraud or identity theft is to make you believe that I am a trusted agent person for you to interact with.” – Serge Ngatta
  • “If you see an email from somebody or someone that you don’t know, or an organization that you don’t know, and it’s asking for sensitive information, don’t be quick to give it up.” – Serge Ngatta
  • “Oversharing is detrimental to you in the long term” – Serge Ngatta
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About the Guest:

Serge Ngatta is a global product leader with over 15 years of multifaceted experience in product, sales and marketing. Currently serving as a Senior Director of Product Portfolio Management for a leading credit organization, Serge boasts a deep understanding of the dynamics of digital identity, fraud prevention, and payments. Serge is an active member of the digital identity, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance community.

His past roles have seen him transforming customer experiences at Wells Fargo Bank NA and innovating dealer solutions at ADP Dealer Services. In addition to his hands-on experience, Serge possesses an MBA with an emphasis on strategy, marketing, and operations from Kennesaw State University. He also holds Bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and accounting, and certifications in product management, blockchain, and analytics. Serge Ngatta is passionate about financial literacy inclusion in underserved communities and is a lifelong learner.

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