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I would love the opportunity to do some freelance writing work for you. I use my expertise and leverage research to provide deliver high quality work for my clients.

I would be glad to assist you with your articles, book proposals and manuscripts, ghostwriting assistance for Op-Eds, speeches, press releases, etc…

Feel free to take a look at some of my work articles below.


Is There Such a Thing as The Ideal Salary? 6 Women Weigh In

Fortune – Full Writing Portfolio


Meet Michael Macdonald, one of the forces behind the Earn Your Leisure business empire

CEO closes $28 million government contract. It’s the way to go for Black Entrepreneurs

Highlighting three Black moms who are business bosses

Black Enterprise – Full Writing Portfolio



Harvard Business Review Ascend – How to Build Wealth When You Don’t Come From Money

Harvard Business Review Ascend – What to Do When Your Raise Isn’t Enough

Harvard Business Review Ascend – Moving Back Home? Take This Time To Take Control of Your Finances

Harvard Business Review Ascend – Full Writing Portfolio 



Building generational wealth can be a challenge for Black families, but I’m taking 7 steps to set my daughters up for lifelong success

Business Insider – 4 Steps that took a Texas woman from living below the poverty lune to building a $1 million business.

Business Insider – 5 Strategies Rachel Rodgers used to go from making $41,000 a year to being a multimillionaire in her 30s.

Business Insider – 5 Strategies Tonya Rapley used to fix her credit, pay off debt, and supercharge her earnings in 10 years.

Business Insider – Building generational wealth can be a challenge for Black families, but I’m taking 7 steps to set my daughters up for lifelong success.

Business Insider – A millennial couple increased their net worth from zero to $500,000 in 4 years by making 5 strategic money decisions

Business Insider – 4 strategies a newlywed couple used to pay off $220,000 of student loan debt in 3 years

Business Insider – 5 things way too many parents get wrong about building generational wealth, according to a financial planner

Business Insider – How a 28 year-old single mom turned her $1,200 stimulus check into a $1.3 million business

Business Insider – 4 Ways Reparations Can Help Close the Racial Wealth Gap.

Business Insider – The Best Home-Buying Advice I Ever Got Helped Me Build My Business, Grow My Family, and Stay Out of Debt

Business Insider – Our $13,000 honeymoon to Bora Bora is still the best trip my husband and I ever took, and it taught us how to budget as a couple.

Business Insider – Full Writing Portfolio


Personal Capital

Personal Capital – 3 Seven-Figure Earners on How They’re Helping Their Kids Build Wealth

Personal Capital – 5 Habits for a Happy Retirement.

Personal Capital – Why I’m Aiming to Leave a Minimal Inheritance to My Kids

Personal Capital – 5 Ways to Improve Your Money Habits.

Personal Capital – Closing the Wealth Gap

Personal Capital – Money Conversations You Should Have Before Saying I Do

Personal Capital – How to Build Generational Wealth

Personal Capital – Full Writing Portfolio


Time’s NextAdvisor

NextAdvisor – Less Than 1% of Hotel Owners are Black Woman. This 34-year-old is Changing the Game. 

NextAdvisor – This Couple Dug Themselves Out of $50,000 of Debt and Are Now Millionaires. Here’s How They Did It

Next Advisor – Are You Middle Class?

NextAdvisor – Full Writing Portfolio


Marriage, Kids and Money – Index Funds vs. Individual Stocks: How to Keep Investing Simple

Thrive Global – Building and Keeping Generational Wealth 

Marriage, Kids and Money – Why the Racial Wealth Gap Exists (and What You Can Do To Help)

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