What better way to set your intentions for another year as you get a year older than to review the year to look back at the lessons learned, challenges and accomplishments.

That’s exactly what I did to celebrate my birthday this year. It’s always important for me to take a moment and reflect on what has happened – both good and bad – to help me recalibrate, and redirect my plans – if need be.

In this episode, I also discuss some of the financial and personal goals I set for this birthday, and so much more.

Listen to this episode and let me know what your personal and financial goals are – I’d love to hear them! 

In this episode, I discuss:   
  • Setting specific goals and creating a plan
  • Building relationships with new mentors
  • Starting before you’re ready 
  • How to stay committed no matter what 
  • Living life on your own terms

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:

  • Start before you’re ready, and adjust along the way.
  • Stay committed to the process, not the outcome.
  • Most times, the day you plant a seed is not the day you harvest it, so you have to learn to plant the seed, commit to watering the garden, and let go.
  • In order to earn more money, it’s important to master your first stream of income and then master the next one instead of trying to do everything at once.
  • If there is someone out there that you want to learn from, then instead of telling yourself that there is no way, go ahead and try to make it happen.
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