Episode 55 with Rob and Reshawn Lee

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Many people dream of traveling the world, going to exotic places and destinations that we’ve seen on TV. So imagine having the chance to live out this dream?

Meet this week’s Dreamers, Rob and Reshawn Lee of Learn Hustle Grow. Like all newlyweds, Rob and Reshawn had big goals and dreams for their life together. One of their dreams was to get rid of their $300,000 mortgage, and travel the world.

Rob and Reshawn applied time-tested tactics, such as investing wisely in real estate and intentional financial planning, to not only pay off their debt but also win back their freedom.

Listen to Rob and Reshawn’s inspiring wealth-building journey – from quitting their corporate jobs and buying their first property to paying off debt and traveling the world for a year.

In this episode, Rob and Reshawn talks about:
  • How investing in real estate helped the couple buy their freedom
  • The tax benefits of the 1031 Exchange in real estate
  • Tips to increase your salary and income
  • How to financial plan to travel the world
  • Tools to build a legacy for future generations

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • Fear is a powerful emotion. And we see so many people get trapped in the current space that they can’t visualize themselves somewhere else doing something different. — Reshawn Lee
  • You don’t have to have 100 rental properties to retire. You can do so much with real estate once you understand all the vehicles that are available to you. — Reshawn Lee
  • When it’s a seller’s market, definitely take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of any properties that are causing progress. — Reshawn Lee
  • If you got the houses and you got the houses paying you, you got cash flow coming in. — Rob Lee
  • We decided to play it safe. A lot of people don’t play it safe. So we decided, “Hey, let’s try to do our own thing to make our own money and not have to answer to someone else all the time.” — Rob Lee
  • Legacy is the opportunity to leave something behind for future generations that help them to continue to grow and be successful. — Reshawn Lee
  • Everything starts with financial literacy. — Reshawn Lee
  • If you can’t give them anything else, give them the game. Because this is not changing. You can sit here and complain about the environment that you’re in and how it’s not fair. But that’s not going to make it fair. — Reshawn Lee
  • Everything starts with learning. — Reshawn Lee
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Rob Lee enlisted in the US Marine Corps after graduating from high school. The service provided him with the opportunity to travel outside of Portsmouth, Virginia — his hometown — as well as the GI Bill, which he had used to graduate with a B.S. in computer science.

In 1995, Reshawn Lee received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She was 7 months pregnant at the time and owed thousands of dollars in credit card and school loan debt, but like a true Superwoman, she managed to pull through with hard work!

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