Episode 4 with Lisa Schader

How to develop healthy financial habits and become a millionaire in 10 years

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Lisa Schader, Financial Coach and Founder of Money Fit Moms

Our Dreamer joining me on the podcast this week is Lisa Schader. Lisa Schader is a financial coach and the creator of MoneyFitMoms.com. Lisa and her husband became millionaires in their early thirties. In this episode, she shares the financial decisions her family made to reach that milestone and how building wealth can be used to do good in the world.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How a personal finance class in college introduced Lisa and her husband helped them become millionaires in 10 years
  • A simple investing technique to help you build wealth
  • Money lessons she learned from her parents and grandparents
  • Tips for raising financially savvy children
  • How you can use wealth to do good in the world
  • Her best money decision and money lessons she has learned along the way

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Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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