Real estate investing is for everybody. Not doing it full-time like me. But everybody can buy one property a year or every other year and it still adds up in a major way. – Attiyah Blair 

According to this week’s guest, it doesn’t matter where you start from, with the right information and focus, you can build wealth through real estate.

This week’s Dreamer, Attiyah Blair, shared her journey from purchasing her first house at 23 to now owning close to sixty units.

For Attiyah, it’s important to have your fundamentals in check, knowing your numbers, being a disciplined investor and using your time wisely. According to Attiyah, real estate investing is not ‘get rich quick’, but it is ‘get rich for sure’!

In this episode, Attiyah Blair discusses:
  • The strategies she used to grow her real estate portfolio to 60 units
  • How you can use leverage your first property to start your journey as a real estate investor
  • The 65% rule to avoid over-leveraging debt
  • The 1% rule to evaluate real estate cash flow
  • The smart way to leverage other people’s money in real estate to build wealth
  • The 1031 exchange: one of the best tax loopholes to accumulate wealth in real estate
  • Her best tips to get started as a real estate investor

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • We have to get out of our feelings and get into the numbers. – Attiyah Blair
  • I was super disciplined. I only did one (investment) at a time because that’s all I could afford. And then I saved all that money. And then I did it again. So literally I was rolling the money from one project to another. I was not at the mall. I was not at Louis Vuitton. I didn’t go to start buying designer stuff. And this is important because people wanna look rich and not be rich. I didn’t start buying designer things until my net worth was at seven figures. – Attiyah Blair
  • Feeling like you have to come up with all that money by yourself is one of the common misconceptions that keep people from getting started at all.  – Attiyah Blair
  • You can’t build wealth-flipping houses. You can make money – which is great – but you can’t build wealth. – Attiyah Blair
  • Don’t complain. Don’t point the finger at who and this and the economy and this – forget all that. It doesn’t help you, even if you’re right. Blaming and complaining are not helpful. You can make a ton of money even with us being in a recession. Many millionaires are created in a recession and that’s gonna be true this time around. – Attiyah Blair
  • In building wealth, the ultimate flex its time and options. – Attiyah Blair
  • Success is not hard, it’s just that being mediocre and average is easy. – Attiyah Blair
  • Success leaves clues. And now that we are in the information age, success is at our fingertips. – Attiyah Blair
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Attiyah Blair is a multi-millionaire real estate investor, mentor, and licensed realtor. Attiyah’s company, The Real Estate Reset, breathes life into severely distressed properties and turns them into beautiful homes. Attiyah has been investing in real estate since 2007 when she was only 23 years old and is passionate about sharing her wealth-building knowledge with women and other aspiring real estate investors. Attiyah’s signature mentorship program teaches her students “How to Build A Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in One Year.” Before becoming a real estate investor, Attiyah worked for NBC, CBS, and FOX News for 10 years.

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