How To Keep Your Finances Organized

An essential step to reach a healthy financial state is to keep your finances organized. I’m often asked for tips to help people organized their finances. Once you have assessed your financial health and established a budget below are a few tips to help keep your finances organized.

Five Things I learned after quitting my Corporate job.

It has been a year since I stepped out on faith and walked away from my Corporate career.
Since that decision, so much has happened in my life, from a personal and a professional standpoint.
This past year, while I learned to live with more grief than I thought I could handle. I also wrote my first book, Dream of Legacy, and started working as a personal finance coach.
As the first anniversary of this career change approaches, I can’t help but notice how far I’ve come, yet how much further I would like to go.
As the journey continues, here are the five most important things I have learned.

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