We often underestimate our own worth when we constantly compare ourselves to others, but fellow Dreamer Emily Ford is here to challenge that mindset. Join us on a captivating journey as Emily empowers you to embrace your unique qualities and create a personal brand that unlocks your true potential, ignites your zeal, and sparks joy.

Not only will this shift in perspective open doors for new business opportunities, but it will also enable you to live life on your own terms.

In this episode, we unpack valuable insights:

  • How Emily drew strength from growing up in a single-parent household
  • The affirmation approach she used to shift her mindset
  • The struggle of an entrepreneur without a business background
  • The reason she budgets despite being a multi-millionaire
  • Determining your ITfactor™ factor

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  • Introduction of Dreamer Emily Ford [0:15]
  • She grew up in a humble household with her mom and two siblings [1:58]
  • Surrounding herself with affirmations to change her life [5:01]
  • Investing in herself and her personal development [6:09]
  • The first year of starting her own business taught her resilience [8:18]
  • Connecting to people and their stories motivates her to do better [10:41]
  • Budgeting gives her the freedom financially [12:09]
  • ITfactor™ is created to help you find your uniqueness and make it your brand [15:10]
  •  Finding your ITfactor™ starts with your mindset and your strengths[17:11]
  • Personal branding prepares you for any future challenges [20:17]
  • Wealthy living in your “IT” factor [25:00]
  • Rapid Fire Questions [28:01]
Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • “I think by changing my posture, my mind, and my heart, it allowed me to come into situations in such a calmer, more confident way because it’s not all about me.” – Emily Ford
  • “I have a hunger for growth and school’s never out for the pro, and I’m no pro`. I’m humble enough to know that so I stay hungry by constantly learning. ” – Emily Ford
  • “Financial literacy and budgeting actually give you more freedom. Discipline equals freedom.” – Emily Ford
  • “The truth is when you understand your greatness and your divine beauty, you become so much more confident as a man, as a woman, and you also have a higher energy.” – Emily Ford
  • “The fundamental principle of building anything, whether it’s a relationship, a company or a brand, is having what I call zeal.”  – Emily Ford
  • “We find ourselves when we’re in service to others.” – Emily Ford
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Emily Ford started her entrepreneurial journey 13 years ago. She had no business background but is now running a 9-figure sales organization as well as speaking to companies and teams globally. Emily Ford truly embodies what it means to have the ITfactor™. Growing up in a small town in Minnesota helped to build the humble heart that she now brings to all areas of her life such as speaking on a LIVE stage of 10,000 people next to Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyasoki, to training corporate sales and leadership teams on “Leaders Who Have IT”, to even privately consulting faith-driven leaders in achieving new levels of business and fulfillment in their life. Forbes featured an article on Emily titled, “To Be Successful, Put People First And Business Second” because of the way she’s built her success through serving others. Emily has now cultivated a transformative method that allows people to not just extract their ITfactor™, but also integrate it into all facets of their business and life.

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