“A scarcity mindset is usually grounded in fear, and an abundant mindset is grounded in love.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner

We give a lot of importance to our jobs, not only because our jobs sustain our financial needs but they also give us a sense of purpose. But sometimes, we forget to take a pause, breath, and ask ourselves: “I am really happy with the job I have?”, “Am I passionate about what I do?”, and “Do I enjoy my work right now?”

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Teneshia Jackson Warner, an award-winning multicultural marketing expert, purpose-driven entrepreneur, and author. Teneshia owns the first Black woman-led company to win the Cannes Lion Grand Prix Award. She is also an Emmy Award winner. Her entrepreneurial journey started when she started the Egamy Group 14 years ago.

Teneshia will be sharing with us the five different dreamer types, the importance of knowing which kind of dreamer you are, and determining what is the right path for you to start navigating your dreams. She shares the most important lessons she learned over the past 14 years as an entrepreneur and the past 20 years chasing her dreams.

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In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Different types of dreamers
  • Importance of knowing which kind of Dreamer you are
  • How to determine which path you should go on
  • The importance of your network
  • Her action-oriented book “The Big Stretch” and what it’s all about
  • Different phases of a dreamer

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:

  • The truth about money is that it is abundant, and it will come. But it doesn’t need to be your most motivating driver in life. – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • Let passion and purpose be your motivator in life. Money will come, you don’t have to hold on so tight. – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • Understand how to move forward in the face of fear, and develop a relationship with fear in which fear cannot stop you from moving forward. – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • A dream champion is someone who is going to see the best of you and reflect back on you. – Teneshia Jackson Warner

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More about the Guest:

Teneshia Jackson Warner is an award-winning multicultural marketing expert, purpose-driven entrepreneur, and author. She is the founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of EGAMI Group, a leading multicultural marketing and communications firm in Manhattan. She is a graduate of Alabama A&M University and currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and business partner, Michael Warner, and their poodle, Tully.

Since 2007, Teneshia has grown EGAMI Group from a dream concept into a thriving multi-million-dollar business. In 2013, Teneshia founded The Dream Project Symposium, an annual empowerment conference that helps thousands of entrepreneurs, creatives, and career Dreamers plan and achieve their goals.

Teneshia is an in-demand speaker at events such as Blogher, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Essence Festival, Bishop T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest, Leading Women Defined, The Congressional Black Caucus Weekend, Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success Conference, and the National Urban League Conference, and many more. Her professional awards include the Black Enterprises Forty Under 40, AdColor MVP, and The Network Journal’s Forty Under 40 Award. She has appeared in national media outlets such as Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Adweek, Adage, Essence, Black Enterprise, and ABC News.

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