Episode 83 with Patrina Dixon

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Isn’t it most people’s dream to earn money while sleeping? Make money while you’re on vacation, spending quality time with loved ones, or even just earning money without having to do much active labor.

Our Dreamer this week is doing just that, all thanks to the dollars she earns through affiliate marketing.

Patrina Dixon is an advocate for building affiliate relationships as a way to earn income passively while also building multiple income streams.

Patrina Dixon is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, International Speaker, and an Award-Winning Author of the top-selling financial guided series, “It’$ My Money™”.

In this episode,  Patrina Dixon discusses:
  • The ins and outs of how to earn money through affiliate marketing!
  • Understanding the affiliate marketing landscape
  • Different ways to get affiliate marketing revenue even without a large community
  • How to build an engaged online community
  • Different avenues she uses to earn income
  • How she balances her 9 to 5 with her side hustles

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • Affiliate marketing is easy, fun and it’s great. — Patrina Dixon
  • People would rather have a percentage of their course total, their product total, their service total, than a hundred percent of none sold. — Patrina Dixon
  • If you have the right audience and share with the company ways in which you are going to share their link – trust me, they want more affiliate marketers because they will sell more when they have more people talking about what they have to offer. — Patrina Dixon
  • When you get taught by somebody that has the actual experience, have the blueprint of how they have done it, it gets you there much faster. — Patrina Dixon
  • Don’t always sell, provide information. People are looking for solutions to their problems, whatever it is. — Patrina Dixon
  • When you do begin to sell, make sure that you’re doing it from a resource solution-based perspective. — Patrina Dixon
  • That’s the beauty and passiveness, right? It just happens. You have no idea how or when. I will earn income even though I didn’t send that link again, but you clicked it once.  — Patrina Dixon
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Patrina Dixon is a Personal Finance Coach, International Best Selling Author, and Affiliate Marketer. She is on a mission to help provide financial education to our youth. She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Experian, Fox61, and many more.

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