Episode 26 with Jesse Iwuji

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The Dreamer joining us on the podcast this week is Jesse Iwuji.

Jesse Iwuji is a serial entrepreneur, NASCAR driver, and speaker. After playing D1A football in college, and being a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, Jesse Iwuji took on the challenge of becoming a professional race car driver.

Today, he is one of the only two African Americans competing at NASCAR’s national levels of racing and a serial entrepreneur.

In this episode,  Jessie talks about his journey to becoming a NASCAR driver and how he raised money for his first professional race. He shares his best advice for people interested in building a career with minimal representation from people who look like them, as well as his different business ventures and how is using entrepreneurship to build wealth.

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Connect with Jesse Iwuji

Website: jesseiwuji.com

Instagram: jessie_iwuji

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