Money plays a vital role in our lives. We spend a lot of time earning money, but most of us aren’t as intentional about keeping it.

This is where budgeting comes in. You may wonder “Why do I need a budget? How can it benefit me and help me grow my money?”

In this episode, we are joined by Jesse Mecham, Founder of You Need A Budget. Jesse talks about budgeting, his four rules to a successful budget, why everyone needs a budget, and the importance of a budget plan.

Jesse also touches on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and how he managed to grow his money through these four rules. Listen in and learn about a new way of looking and thinking about your money to help you make the best decisions for yourself.

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • I want to teach people how to make sure that their money is lining up with what they really truly care about. – Jesse Mecham
  • Far too often, we think budgets need to be this perfect representation of the best guess we would ever possibly make. – Jesse Mecham
  • Most people think entrepreneurs work all the time. I don’t think that has to be the case. I think people get addicted to their venture, but it doesn’t have to be that way. – Jesse Mecham

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More about the Guest:

Jesse Mecham is a personal finance expert, speaker, business leader, and the Founder of You Need A Budget (YNAB). Jesse hosts the You Need A Budget Podcast, the Beginning Balance Podcast, and is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of, You Need A Budget. A self-proclaimed “recovering CPA,” he is deeply passionate about teaching individuals, families, and business owners YNAB’s Four Rules to help them gain total control of their money.

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