Episode 9 with Lawrence-Delva Gonzalez

How to Build Wealth While Paying Off Debt

Lawrence Delva-Gonzalez

Lawrence Delva-Gonzales is a Government auditor and financial literacy educator.
In 2012, Lawrence was $125,000 in debt. At the time, he was living with three roommates and realized they were spending $2,400 on food every month. That’s when his financial literacy journey began.

Lawrence dived in to learn as much as he could about personal finance. He focused on increasing his income and investing in the stock market and real estate. Eight years later, Lawrence and his wife have a combined net worth of close to $500,000.

As “The Neighborhood Finance Guy,” Lawrence focuses on providing solutions to socio-economic disparities affecting Black and Brown communities. His mission is to offer financial tools to help more people become the next everyday millionaire.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The investment strategy that allowed Lawrence to get out of debt and increase his net worth by over $500K in 8 years without a college degree
  • How Lawrence is building wealth while paying off debt
  • Lawrence’s Net/Max financial to help create more everyday millionaires
  • How to use tax-advantaged accounts, including Health Savings Accounts to build wealth
  • How Lawrence uses real estate to plan for his mother’s retirement
  • How moving to the US from Haiti at nine years old impacted his financial journey
  • How early childhood experiences helped shaped his views on money

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