Episode 72 with Jakayla Leathers

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What does it take to secure government contracts? Is it a good way to generate income? What are the requirements to qualify? Today’s guest who knows the ins and outs of securing 6+ figure government contracts shares her experience.

In this episode, Dreamer Jakayla Leathers, an entrepreneur, mom of 3, and the owner of a business that’s been securing government contracts for more than five years teaches us what she knows about the world of government contracting. She talks about her journey to becoming a government contractor, from mistakes and lessons she and her husband learned the hard way, to eventually getting their first government contract. 

In this episode, Jakayla Leathers discusses:  
  • Her and her husband’s journey to earning their first six-figure government contract 
  • Why you should consider government contracting to generate income 
  • Opportunities for minority-owned businesses in government contracting 
  • The do’s and don’t to secure a contract as a government contractor 
  • Mistakes to avoid when bidding on a government contract
  • How to get and keep government contracts

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • When you start reaching success, you want to and have to, be prepared for it. – Jakayla Leathers
  • The cleaning industry is huge and they make really great money. – Jakayla Leathers
  • In every single document or solicitation that comes out, they actually tell you exactly what they’re looking for. – Jakayla Leathers
  • You should know what you’re doing, cause you’re probably not going to win the contract if you don’t. – Jakayla Leathers
  • If funding is an issue or you’re not able to get funding, then that’s something you really want to take into consideration first before you start going after specific contracts. – Jakayla Leathers
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

As a business owner, Jakayla Leathers has secured multiple government contracts in the janitorial and flooring industry. She realized early on that the main reason most entrepreneurs struggle in getting contracts of their own is because there are extremely limited resources that help minority businesses excel in this space. Over the years, she’s learned valuable lessons and gained a wealth of knowledge, and has now developed a system to ensure that the path is clear for others to follow. She loves sharing her experiences in the hope that she could help someone else do what she’s done.

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