Is financial independence by age 30 possible if you don’t come from a wealthy family?

Dreamers Nadia Busseuil and Nicole Carter, “The Wealth Twins,” grew up in a single-family household in a low-income neighborhood of New York City and went on to start their careers on Wall Street after college.

In this week’s episode, Nadia and Nicole share how discovering the power of compound interest early on, and strategically planning and investing their money consistently, helped them reach financial independence early in life.

In this episode, Nicole and Nadia discuss:   
  • Lessons learned from experiencing 3 economic downturns: 9/11, the Great Recession, and the dot-com bubble during their time on Wall Street
  • Dividend investing and how to get started
  • Mindset changes to build wealth
  • Key wealth-building habits
  • What being financially independent at age 30 has done for their lives
  • How they are diversifying their wealth
  • How to teach kids the value of money even when they’re young

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • When it comes to money, we realized that you have to do more than just work hard because you have to focus on making more money. So our mother told us to focus on education because she knew that education was a way to get a higher-paying job and hopefully get us out of the neighborhood. – Nicole Carter
  • We focused on using money to help change our lifestyle so that the lack of money wouldn’t stress us out, and try to help others to not go through the same thing we went through. – Nicole Carter
  • We were saving $3 a day and it just made an impression on us. This little bit can make a bigger difference. What if you have more money? If you save more, how much of a difference can that make in your life? – Nadia Busseuil
  • Sometimes, parents don’t think that they have anything to pass down to their kids, like wealth. But just that lesson impacted you guys tremendously. So, I think the key thing is to start with what you have and pass down the lessons as well. – Anne-Lyse Wealth
  • Having people around you who are used to managing money for themselves and have a different background from you growing up, being exposed to those types of people early on had a positive impact on my life. – Nicole Carter
  • Financial independence means not having to work for someone else to cover my expenses. – Nadia Busseuil
  • I wouldn’t let anybody say it’s just because of the amount of money you make. It’s how you manage your money no matter where you are. – Nicole Carter
  • Financial independence sounds like it’s an end goal, but it’s a continuous process. – Nicole Carter
  • At the end of the day, you have to spend your money in a way that is in alignment with what you care about and what you value. – Anne-Lyse Wealth
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Nadia and Nicole are the millionaire cofounders of Wealth Twins. The Wealth Twins teach hardworking people how to invest and manage their money so that they can live the life they want without having to work forever.

They both hold a BA from Columbia University and Nicole holds an MBA from NYU. Both worked in management consulting and on Wall Street for Goldman Sachs.

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