Hello, Dreamers! I am officially back and excited to share with you everything that’s in store in this fifth season of The Dreamers Podcast.

Gosh, five seasons. One hundred and twenty episodes. It’s been quite a journey and definitely a lot more to explore, learn, and share.

More wins, more wisdom, more wealth.

And this episode is no different. It’s a great kick-off to what promises to be another amazing season ahead, which will be at the intersection of wealth-building and personal development.

So Dreamers, stick around and listen well.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Focusing on building a life that I could enjoy along the way COAST FIRE, as opposed to focusing on just reaching FIRE.
  • How sometimes to move forward, you need to hit pause.
  • Exploring multiple versions of FIRE (Lean FIRE, Fat FIRE, Coast Fire, Slow FIRE)
  • Continuous personal enrichment through amazing resources:

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom
  • I’m planning on taking a certain amount of trades every year and see how it goes. Because I’m trying to simplify my life, not make it more complicated.
  • Go after the wealthy life you want to live, whatever the terms.
  • Every minute, every moment that we are here counts. We should try to make it count because we never know how much time we or our loved ones have.
  • I definitely want to go into more advanced investing opportunities. So I needed to take the time to educate myself.
  • Even for people who are emotional when it comes to investing, there’s a way to set things up so that you don’t have to constantly worry.
  • I’m always an advocate of putting most of my investments into low-cost index funds.
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