Episode 116 with Cory Young

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There is a high chance that you have clicked on this page because you typed on Google search these three letters—SEO. You may have heard this several times but still have no idea what it means. On a basic level, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But how can you optimize SEO to increase traffic to your website and revenue for your business?

SEO can be one of the most powerful tools to help spread your content to your target customers or audience. In this episode, SEO Expert, Dreamer Cory Young, an SEO expert, helps us understand what SEO means and why it should be part of your strategy if you want to earn more.

In this episode, Cory discusses:

  • How he turned his SEO side hustle into a multiple six-figure business
  • What SEO is and how it works
  • The importance of SEO
    • Long-term strategy
    • Independence from social media apps’ data
  • Tips to leverage SEO to increase your income
  • When you should you hire an SEO expert?

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  • Introduction of Dreamer Cory Young [0:04] and [3:17]
  • Misusing a credit card pushed him to do side hustles [4:14]
  • Digital marketing exposure in his previous full-time job at Comcast [5:47]
  • His internship led him to the marketing field [8:07]
  • Letting go of his full-time job was both an emotional and financial decision [11:34]
  • Preparation to take off BCC Interactive to a higher level [12:18]
  • As an entrepreneur, decisions are more than creating culture [14:36]
  • What is SEO? [15:38]
  • The importance of SEO in marketing [17:17]
  •  Free SEO tools you can use to understand your audience [20:49]
  • The reward system of Google [22:09]
  • Tips to increase leads of your website by leveraging SEO [23:44]
  • When should you hire an SEO expert [26:46]
  • Rapid fire questions [27:27]
  • “We turn client’s websites into revenue-generating machines so that they can reach their ideal client and make money on autopilot while they sleep without having to actively engage with their target audience.” – Cory Young
  • “Taking a step back and being a little bit organized would allow me to be more efficient in how I deliver.” – Cory Young
  • “The decisions you make weigh on you a little bit heavier so from being a fun morale guy to a one-to-one correlation with my bank account is a different beast.” – Cory Young
  • “SEO is a little bit of art and science. There is a scientific methodology to get you to show up, but if the words that you use are not speaking to the target customers, they are going to the other nine options on page one of Google.” – Cory Young
  • “SEO is people searching for an answer, whether it be an answer in the form of a product, an answer in the form of a service, an answer in the form of just information.” – Cory Young
  • “There’s no such thing as too much content, but you want it to be the right content.” – Cory Young
Show Transcript:
About the guest:

Cory Young is an SEO expert with over 15 years of experience leading digital marketing and SEO strategies at Fortune 500 companies. He is the founder of BCC Interactive which started as a side hustle and scaled to a six figures business. Cory has helped his clients drive over a hundred million in revenue from organic searches. He made it a mission to help small to mid-sized businesses grow by leveraging SEO to increase website traffic and eventually increase sales.

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