Episode 108 with Chris Corinthian

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Getting an education is often considered the key to success. But, a problem that many students face is the cost of education.

In this week’s episode, Dreamer Chris Corinthian shares resources and helpful tips to get different scholarships and passive income opportunities that students can use.

In this episode, Chris Corinthian discusses:  
  • How he paid off his $48,000 student loan
  • Deferment of loans and its long-term impact on finances
  • The Debt-Free Degree Triangle framework
  • Passive income opportunities for college students
  • How and where to get scholarships
  • Tips on graduating debt-free

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  • His journey to pay off his student loans [2:32]
  • Deferment does not mean that the interest stops growing [3:54]
  • How to graduate debt free through Debt-Free Degree Triangle framework [5:14]
  • Affiliate programs are one of the ways students can earn money [7:58]
  • Five essential essays you need to write to get over 100 scholarships [10:10]
  • Different video essay scholarship programs [19:15]
  • Financial Literacy 101 contents [20:25]
  • “A lot of people just stop putting money towards their student loan. They say ‘Well, if I’m in deferment, I don’t need to put anything away.’ But what I found is that the most beneficial thing you could do for yourself is to still continue the habit of putting money away to knock down that student loan.” – Chris Corinthian
  • “Most students don’t know that if you build enough traffic on your YouTube channel – if you build it up to at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours – Google AdSense, who owns YouTube, will end up paying you every single month just because you’re building traffic and you have that viewership.” – Chris Corinthian
  • “One of the biggest hurdles or challenges that students tell me they face – writing those essays. What I’ll go over are the five essential essays that you need to increase your chances of getting scholarships. You can reuse them, repurpose them, and tweak them because they fit all the different categories 99% of the time of what people will ask.” – Chris Corinthian
  • “Most students get burned out after 10 or 20 scholarships and they think the money’s just going to come rolling in. But if they’ve applied for over 100 scholarships, everybody I’ve worked with has gotten scholarships after applying for over 100 qualified scholarships – and I’ve been doing this for over 15 years. – Chris Corinthian
  • “I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and everybody that’s done at least 100 scholarships, and they don’t stop there usually,  but the magic number is everything over 100.” – Chris Corinthian
  • “Because of the paralysis of analysis, I missed out on so many opportunities. The people that are willing to take advantage of opportunities weren’t necessarily smarter than me, better than me, more talented than me, but they had something that I didn’t have, which was taking action right away on the things that they know had to get done.” – Chris Corinthian
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Chris “Mr. C” Corinthian has worked for over 15 years in higher education in the areas of financial aid and financial literacy. After working with thousands of students, he realized that there were certain repeatable steps that students did to receive multiple scholarships and graduate debt-free. Unfortunately, there were also students who did not know this information and dropped out of school because they did not have enough money to complete college. The United States has over $1.7 trillion in student loan debt.

Chris is on a mission to stop that number from rising by showing students the blueprint to not only graduate debt-free but also show them how they can have money in the bank when they walk across that stage at graduation. To date, he has helped students generate over six figures in scholarship awards. Through teaching the principles of financial literacy, he walks high school seniors and current college students through a three-step framework on how to “find the money, budget the money, and grow the money” to pay for school. His newly-released book takes students and their parents on the journey of learning the foundational principles of money, and how it relates to them as current or prospective college students.

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