Episode 79 Replay with Arnita Johnson-Hall

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The Dreamers joining us on the podcast this week is credit expert, and founder and CEO of AMB Credits and Luxurious Credit, Arnita Johnson-Hall.

Arnita Johnson-Hall’s credit education service AMB Credit Consultants is one of the most highly recognized credit education services in the country.

Her website, Luxurious Credit, inspires hundreds of thousands of women across the globe to normalize and live the luxurious life they deserve by becoming money savvy, enhancing their credit, and investing in themselves.

In this episode, you will learn:
  • How Arnita went from Government assistance and a 303 credit score to becoming a credit expert and building a 7-figure business.
  • The creative strategy Arnita used early on to take her business to the next level.
  • Why you should check your credit report once a year and how to get errors corrected.
  • How a bad experience with a credit repair company led Arnita to become a credit expert.
  • How visualization and goal setting helped Arnita on her wealth-building journey.
  • The strategy she used to unlearn her scarcity mindset which brought abundance in her life.
  • Tips to responsibly use credit to build wealth
  • How Arnita is building generational wealth

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