Episode 67 with Dr. Jatali Bellanton

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In today’s world, it’s hard to go a day without hearing about cryptocurrency, NFT, the Blockchain, or the metaverse. Does that mean we should pay attention?

The Dreamer joining us this week, Founder of the youth financial literacy organization, Kids Who Bank. and Brilliant Minds Unite, Dr. Jatali Bellanton thinks that we should and that they provide opportunities to build wealth.

After working in the investment banking world for over a decade, Jatali created a financial literacy curriculum that has been taught in close to 300 schools. In recent years, she dived into alternative newer investments and has not looked back since.

In this episode, she teaches us the basics about cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse. 

Jatali is passionate about providing tools to others, especially the younger generation, to gain financial knowledge to help them build wealth. 

In this episode, Jatali Bellanton discusses:   

  • Her journey in the investment banking world started at age of 15
  • Why she moved her focus away from traditional investing
  • Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and why we should care
  • Why we should consider more recent investment alternatives 
  • How she helped 27 people become crypto millionaires
  • How to invest safely in crypto
  • The different types of crypto coins 
  • Why NFTs are an investment to look into

Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom: 

  • Find a crypto hedge fund that you like.  Find an individual that you trust and that you like, and then you could have them manage it and just make sure it’s never someone who’s asking you for your private key or your recovery phrase. —  Dr. Jatali Bellanton
  • Protect your wallet address because it gives access to your money. — Dr. Jatali Bellanton
  • Always look at how many people are investing in a particular token. — Dr. Jatali Bellanton
  • The metaverse can be an overwhelming world so take care of your mental health. — Dr. Jatali Bellanton
  • If you could start investing at a younger age, invest more. — Dr. Jatali Bellanton
  • Blockchain is a fancy word for saying ledger that is completely run online and cannot be manipulated or changed. Once you uploaded something into the blockchain or entered it ether in today’s world,  then automatically it is permanently there and is permanently a file. — Dr. Jatali Bellanton

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About the Guest:

Dr. Bellanton has 20+ years of experience in the financial markets of the USA / UK. 

In 2015 she left corporate to become a hands-on mom and started her entrepreneurial journey.

Some of her accolades include a youth financial literacy book which became the base of her finance curriculum Kids Who Bank ( completed in over 288+ schools) & Brilliant Minds Unite where she teaches both youth and adults alike.

Now as an accredited investor in Crypto, Stocks & Real Estate. She has created the CryptoHedgeFund “BMU Meta” & the NFT series Creatures of Wealth to help more individuals on their journey.

Also notable, she has a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology. 

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