Episode 104 Secrets From First-Generation Millionaire Real Estate Investors

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Recession or not, real estate will always be a tool to build generational wealth. This episode focuses on secrets from first-generation real estate investors who all started investing with less than $15,000 and became millionaires in less than 10 years.

In this episode, Steven Stack, Yamundow Camara, Erika Brown, and Attiya Blair, 4 First Generation Real Estate Millionaires join The Dreamers Podcast to share their strategic tips and drop amazing gems for how you can do it too.

In this episode, we discuss:
  • Strategies to build long-term equity
  • Investing in yourself for financial freedom
  • Increasing income and raising capital
  • Common real estate misconceptions
  • Using profits to invest in the next property
  • Unconventional resources to acquire real estate
  • Finding a bank to partner with on real estate deals

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Topic Points:
  • Not giving up because of rejection or “No’s” [7:48]
  • Section 8 option for properties as “guaranteed money” and addressing the stigma [9:02]
  • Good debt vs strategic debt [13:48]
  • Ownership of time [15:58]
  • Self-discipline as an investment [18:05]
  • Leveraging other people’s money [19:03]; [25:00]
  • FHA loan intro and benefits [21:24]
  • Building wealth vs making money [23:28]
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