The Dreamer joining us on the podcast this week is Journalist, Author, Celebrity Ghostwriter, and Founder of The Writers Blok Agency, Pauleanna Reid.

Do you ever think about doing something different but feel stuck or need a formal education to do it? Pauleanna Reid gives you the blueprint to go after your dreams the unconventional way.

Pauleanna Reid is a senior contributor at ForbesWomen and founder of The WritersBlok, a full-service celebrity ghostwriting agency. When she doesn’t have a pen in her hand, you can find Pauleanna mentoring millennial women and delivering university guest lectures on entrepreneurship. She is also a mental health advocate and public speaker. Pauleanna founded New Girl on the Block, a mentorship program, in 2015 and, to date, has helped more than 200 women successfully launch full-time businesses and or profitable side-hustles. She recently graduated from the Women’s Leadership Program at Yale School of Management.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to find career mentors and what you should do to attract their attention
  • How to land your first opportunity to get closer to your dreams
  • How rewiring her money mindset helped Pauleanna pay off debt
  • How to turn your side hustle to a full-time job
  • Pauleanna’s journey from college dropout to becoming a leader in her field and building multiple successful businesses while fighting depression
  • The best money advice Pauleanna ever received
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