Episode 118 with Michael MacDonald

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In this episode, we dive into the story of Dreamer Michael MacDonald, one of the co-founders of the 8-figure media company, Earn Your Leisure.

Michael shares how he, Rashad Bilal, and Troy Millings built the EYL brand from scratch and the strategies they used to scale the company to 8-figures in a couple of years.

While Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are the faces of the brand, Michael McDonald has been the unsung hero behind the scenes, handling visual content, operations, and technical details. But with a new sense of purpose, driven by fatherhood, Michael has stepped into the limelight as a digital mogul and is sharing his story and expertise with the world. Tune in to hear about the challenges and rewards of building a successful media company and the importance of finding your own unique role within a team.

During this discussion Michael shares:

  • How the three of them started a podcast that turned into a massive media company
  • How to look at your data to amplify your brand’s visibility through ads
  • His journey as a real estate investor
  • How fatherhood changed him

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  • Introducing Michael MacDonald [0:20]
  • The humble beginnings of Earn Your Leisure [1:37]
  • Unmatched persistence is the foundation of Earn Your Leisure [3:25]
  • Increased brand visibility using data [5:36]
  • When you know the content of your audience, customize your ads [8:16]
  • Real estate investments are great because values are always going to go up [12:15]
  • Options trading needs focus [13:27]
  • His son is the reason why he got in front of the camera [13:46]
  • Rapidfire questions [16:50]
Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • I think hard work, consistency, and persistence are always going to outdo talent. – Michael MacDonald
  • You need to make your audience massive. The age limit and location, keep those wide open. Michael MacDonald
  • The greatest thing about real estate is it’s tangible and it’s always going to go up. – Michael MacDonald
  • Let me read a quote from Wall Street: if you allow them to feed you, you give them permission to starve you. – Michael MacDonald
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Michael MacDonald is leading the business and operations side of Earn Your Leisure to embark on the mission of helping to build the brand. Growing up in Greenburgh the youngest of five, in low-income housing and a single-parent household, Michael’s ambition for more was unknowingly activated. “I was raised in the projects, so the struggle was real. My mother did her best under the circumstances but there were plenty of nights we went without or relied on the assistance of others.”

Earn Your Leisure is a revolutionary media platform that gives rise to emerging and established content creators from the world of business, finance, and entrepreneurship whose perspective, expertise, and in-depth insight have been undervalued and overlooked. At its core, Earn Your Leisure’s ultimate purpose is to build, as we climb as a community highlighting collaboration over competition.

Earn Your Leisure has three Top 100 podcasts under its umbrella, including “Earn Your Leisure”. The show has amassed over fifty million downloads and is consistently ranked in the Top 20 Business Podcasts in the United States, peaking at #1 on the Apple Podcast charts.

Earn Your Leisure also includes an online educational platform, “EYL University”. EYL University is an online interactive community that includes over 100+ archived webinars covering a range of business, finance, and entrepreneurial topics. EYL University has over 12,000 active members and is one of the fastest-growing private business education communities in existence.

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