Episode 8 with Serwaa Adjei-Pelle

How to Build a Successful Online Business with Serwaa Adjei-Pelle

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Serwaa Adjei-Pelle, Business Strategist

Serwaa is a Business Strategist and Partner Consultant at PELLÉ + CO, where she works with SMBs to spur their growth through strategic planning and the creation and  implementation of content strategy.

As the founder of the She’s Off Script podcast and membership community, her podcast episodes have reached listeners in over 63 countries. She previously served as a vice president at Goldman Sachs, managing commercial real estate investment operations for the Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Distressed & Special Situations businesses.

Serwaa received her BA in International Economics and International Affairs from the University of Colorado-Boulder and completed her MBA at Cornell University.

Serwaa is a native of Ghana, West Africa, and resides in Dallas, TX, with her two daughters and husband.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it takes to build an online presence to attract your ideal customers
  • A 3 step process to prepare for an entrepreneurial leap of faith
  • How to build trust with your audience and turn them into customers
  • How being financially transparent with your children can benefit them
  • What you can do early on in your business to start creating social capital
  • Why focusing on 1,000 dedicated people is a good intermediary step when you start building your business online
  • Why Serwaa decided to walk away from a job on Wall Street to start her own business
  • An early childhood money memory that impacted her life
  • How her mom’s entrepreneurial spirit made her realize the importance of having multiple streams of income early on

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Find the episode show notes and all the links mentioned on the podcast The Dreamers Podcast Transcript Episode 8 with Serwaa Adjei-Pelle


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