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Money and Purpose 

What role can money play in helping you find your purpose?

In this episode, I share my journey to finding my purpose and launching The Dreamers Podcast.

This show tells the story of incredible people who have gone after their dreams to build wealth with purpose.

Every interview will give you a front-row seat to the process behind the dream, the lessons learned, the money wins and losses.

Each show will end with a round of questions to find out more about their views on money, books that impacted their lives, and the impact they want to have in the world.

Watch the trailer here to find out the amazing line up of guests we have this season.

In this episode, you will learn about:

·       About me and what it took for me to find my purpose

·       The role money can play in your search for purpose

·       The process and I went through to find my purpose

·       Questions to help you find your purpose

·       The role parents can play in helping their children find their purpose


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Links mentioned on the podcast:

Dream of Legacy Book

Finding Purpose

Jumino Natural Skincare

Park Place Payments


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