Episode 24 with Lauren Miller AKA Lo Millie

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How to Build Wealth, Create a Solid Succession Plan and Achieve Generational Longevity

The Dreamer joining me on the podcast this week is Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller, AKA “Lo Millie” is a serial entrepreneur and a steward of her family’s legacy. She’s the founder of the millennial-focused lifestyle and travel brand- CANT STAY PUT. Shortly after her father became terminally, she took on the role as her father’s caretaker, with the task of helping him secure his legacy and prepare her and her siblings for his departure.

Today, two years after her father’s death, Lauren and her brother now run the 2nd- generation consulting firm her father started the year before she was born. She’s also continuing to build her business and brand. Lauren is on a mission to share her story and use her family’s legacy as a case study to give insight to her peers on building a legacy of their own and being a steward of the legacy of those that came before them.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What a successful succession plan and wealth transfer looks like
  • Things to consider if you want to transmit a business to your kids
  • What Lauren’s parents did to raise her to be entrepreneurial
  • How Lauren’s family still exploits land that her great-great-grandfather purchased in the early 1900s
  • Her experience as a second-generation business owner building an independent brand and business
  • How understanding family lineage gives kids a sense of responsibility when it comes to legacy building
  • Anecdotes about how Lauren’s father and the first Black mayor of Atlanta, were instrumental in making Atlanta the Black Mecca that it is today

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Connect with Lauren Miller

Website: Laurenrosamiller.com

Instagram: Lauren.rosa.miller

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