Episode 109 with Christianna Hurt

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Christianna is the founder of the Ecommerce education platform, WealthyCollegeKid, which teaches people to build their own online businesses. After getting out of a domestic violence situation, Christianna found herself evicted and in deep financial troubles.

She had to figure out a way to get back on track financially. She decided to get into the  Ecommerce space, learned everything she could, and made $89,000 in 3 weeks.

In this episode, Christianna Hurt discusses:  
  • How she went from being evicted from her house to making millions in Ecommerce
  • How to make money in Ecommerce
  • Items that do well on Ecommerce platforms
  • The tools and start-up capital you need to start selling online
  • How moving out on her own too soon taught her to own up to her bad wrong decisions and strive to make better ones
  • Investing in Section 8 Turnkey rental properties
  • WealthyCollegeKid as a brand and what it stands for

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  • Introduction of Christianna Hurt [0:25]
  • The realization that moving out from home denies one of comfort [3:54]
  • The realization that you can be your own lifeline [5:50]
  • Founded WealthyCollegeKid to educate people to start small [8:15]
  • When you are in Ecommerce, you need to be consistent with your online presence [8:58]
  • You can start Ecommerce without a start-up capital [10:49]
  • Building wealth outside of Ecommerce through real estate [13:20]
  • Christianna Hurt’s wake-up call to learn money management [14:34]
  • Education should not put you in debt [15:58]
  • Just Kidding Kids is founded to fill the loss from miscarriage [16:43]
  • “You can be your own lifeline, you don’t have to just call for help. You can dig yourself out of the hole that you’re put in.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “My last L made me my first M. The lessons and the losses I took made me millions of dollars in the long-term of things.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “I’m seeing much bigger profit margins (in Ecommerce education platform) as well as a lot more consistent income because I’m not using advertisements to fund customer base.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “I created WealthyCollegeKid so that people could enroll to earn because I noticed that there was a gap in the market – people can’t take a large risk of thousands of dollars, they need to start out small and get themselves back on their feet.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “A lot of people struggle with purpose or what vehicle to take. You need to pick one vehicle that you’re going to stick with from day one at $0, to $10 million, because there’s so many different things that can make you a million dollars. You just have to find the one that works best for you.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “You can start with $0, you won’t make thousands of dollars the way that I did very, very quickly. But you can make an extra $200-300 a day, even maybe a week.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “The biggest thing is just understanding bookkeeping and paying my taxes. That was the biggest wake-up call, just making sure I manage my books and manage my money correctly.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “WealthyCollegeKid stands for being able to enroll and earn, being able to learn a skillset that you’re investing in, and putting yourself in a position to not be the typical stereotype of being broke when you’re learning something.” – Christianna Hurt
  • “Don’t invest in other people’s dreams. Only invest in myself. Don’t build out Ecommerce brands with other people or take on partners. Just do it yourself.” – Christianna Hurt
Show Transcript:
About Christianna Hurt:

Christianna Hurt’s online journey started on April 5th, 2016 the day she was fired from not one, but multiple jobs. She specializes in online traffic being driven toward Ecommerce brands she has built over the last three years making multiple six figures in revenue monthly. Christianna currently has over 50,000 thousand students enrolled in her digital courses, and over 1,000 reviews of student success from her brand, grossing her continuous network at 11 million. Now at just the age of 27 years old, Christianna is an entrepreneur and influencer on social media as well as the face of eight-figure brand, The Boss Palace, doing 10.4 million in 2020.

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