Episode 54 with Jacqueline Schadeck

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Can you imagine inheriting over a million dollars and losing it all? That’s what happened to Jacqueline Schadeck’s family over a decade ago. Since then, she’s become a Certified Financial Planner who focuses on helping first-generation wealth builders manage their money.

When we decide to start our wealth-building journey, there are many factors to consider such as improving how we manage our finances to put our money to good use, deciding how and where to invest, or whether or not to have help from an investment professional.

In this episode, Jacqueline Schadeck, shared some gems on how she was able to conquer her limiting beliefs about money to start building wealth. She discusses the importance of discipline, investing consistently, learning how to create your budget, and so much more.

Finding the right balance between spending our money and using money as a tool to help us create better life experiences and opportunities is a real-life hack. Listen up and listen good, Dreamers, as Jacqueline shares with us her 3-step guide to start your generational wealth-building journey!

In this episode, Jacqueline talks about: 
  • How Jacqueline’s family inherited $1.4 million and quickly lost it all
  • Why we need to normalize money conversations
  • Common mistakes first-generation wealth builders make
  • Tips to help you find a certified financial advisor
  • Three steps to take to get started on your generational wealth-building journey

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • It’s not just about building wealth but it’s also about taking the time to educate the next generation so that they are equipped to handle the wealth. – Anne-Lyse Wealth
  • In life, we learn more from failures. So taking the time to share your failures is already making a huge step in the right direction.  – Anne-Lyse Wealth
  • Be decisive in your life and go after whatever it is that you want full force. – Jacqueline Schadeck
  • Right now is the best time because you need as much time as possible. – Jacqueline Schadeck
  • If you have your money, you have your time. And if you have your time, you have the ability to do what you want to do with your time. So it’s just so important that we’re focused on building wealth. – Jacqueline Schadeck
  • Focus on what your goals are and people who don’t fit the mold, they will naturally fall off. – Jacqueline Schadeck
  • You must have a comprehensive financial planner in your life who can help you address some of these missing pieces. Even if you don’t receive an inheritance or a windfall of money, this is important that you’re planning for all these different facets of your financial life. – Jacqueline Schadeck
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Jacqueline Schadeck is a Certified Financial Planner Professional who partners with individuals and families to help them gain financial clarity. She believes that people need comprehensive financial guidance to make the best decisions, and she has a passion for helping clients achieve financial success.

Jacqueline has been asked to contribute to numerous media outlets, including CNBC, MarketWatch, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and many more. Any given week, you might see her leading financial education presentations to a local AARP chapter or explaining the tax code at a public library education session. She was even honored with the 2017 Impact Award by the Financial Planning Association of Georgia for her dedication to her industry.

In keeping with her desire to help people, Jacqueline finds it important to give back to her community by volunteering for various organizations including her church, several non-profits, and her college alma mater. She also currently serves on the Board for the Financial Planning Association of Georgia.

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