Episode 15 with Kerry Coddett

Financing Your Dreams

Kerry Coddett is a Caribbean-American writer, actress, and stand-up comedian from Brooklyn. She’s a staff writer and character on Showtime’s new show Flatbush Misdemeanors, Kerry appears on season 2 of Ramy on Hulu and is a core cast member of the new The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show on Netflix. Kerry’s work has been featured on HBO, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, and many more media outlets.

 She is also the co-founder of Kwanzaa Crawl, an annual New York City community event that, in 2019,  brought in $500K in one day for local Black-owned businesses. 

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Creative ways Kerry used to finance her dreams
  • The impact growing up with entrepreneurial parents had on her career
  • Tips to network more effectively
  •  A few financial lessons Kerry learned the hard way
  • Actions she is taking to encourage the Black community to pool resources together to increase its economic and political power

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Find the episode show notes and all the links mentioned on the podcast The Dreamers Podcast Episode 15 Transcript

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Business Insider – Banking Black Article

Dream of Legacy Book by Anne-Lyse Wealth

Juno Formerly LeverEdge 

Jumiino Natural Skincare

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