Episode 42 with John from Financial Freedom Countdown

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Most of us are familiar with the dread that comes with bills, debt, lifestyle creep, unexpected or unplanned expenses that keep us in a never-ending cycle of financial stress.

Being financially independent is much more than just being prepared to cover unexpected expenses.  It’s knowing that working is a choice, not an obligation and that you won’t have to worry about retirement because you have invested enough to sustain your lifestyle.

In this episode, the Dreamer joining us is John from Financial Freedom Countdown who retired from his 9 to 5 after amassing a net worth of $2.3 million dollars 12 years after moving to the US with $1,000 in his pocket.

John shares with us his journey from earning $35,000 or so in salary to over $260,000 a year! He also discusses different options you can invest in to save and grow your wealth, as well as helpful advice for anyone who wants to increase their human capital.

I hope John’s inspiring story resonates with you no matter where you are in your financial journey, as it goes to show that you can change your financial situation and build wealth no matter where you’re starting from. With consistency, patience, and a solid plan, anything is POSSIBLE.

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • The key to financial independence or early retirement is to know what your current living expenses are, figure out what is important in your daily life, and calculate based upon that your financial independence number. – John Magee
  • Sometimes it may seem repetitive and like a chore, but you still need to do all of this to get better at it. – John Magee
  • My parents never asked me to do anything for them but I just feel that sense of responsibility that I should do something for them and take care of them in their old age. – John Magee 
  • Human capital is not like any other asset available on the ballot sheet, it helped me increase my income and grow my network exponentially. – John Magee 

John moved from India to the US with only $1,000, not knowing anyone, guided only by an immigrant dream. It was challenging to survive and thrive in one of the most expensive parts of the world. But John Magee accumulates a net worth of $2.3M in 12 years to become financially independent.

John started Financial Freedom Countdown dedicated to helping you think differently about your financial challenges and to help you live your best life.

John covers a variety of topics from increasing your wealth and thriving while living in a high cost of living area, different investment options from stocks, bonds, crypto, to real estate, and more.

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