Episode 61 with Tonya Rapley

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When you are empowered, you see no limits to what you can accomplish. You don’t let your fear of failure stop you, and understand that you are strong enough to overcome anything that’s meant to break you, so you can keep elevating.

This week, the Dreamer joining us is Tonya Rapley – the definition of an empowered woman. Tonya is an internationally recognized millennial money expert, mompreneur, and Founder of the award-winning site, My Fab Finance. Listen as she shares how she fearlessly transformed her finances to build a seven-figure business and designed a life she does not want to escape from, so you too can overcome the obstacles in your life and live your wealthy life.

In this episode, Tonya Rapley shares:   

  • How she went from being in debt 8 years ago, to building a million-dollar financial education company 
  • How she changed her mindset to prepare her life for abundance 
  • How to overcome a cap mentality which limits your earning potential 
  • How she is investing to build generational wealth
  • Tips to improve your finances such as being disciplined, understanding credit, and knowing what you want to accomplish 

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom: 

  • At the end of the day, we all want freedom. If you don’t own your time, you’re not free. — Anne-Lyse
  • Your career path won’t always lead to the life you desire. — Anne-Lyse 
  • Expanding your income earning potential, as an entrepreneur, will give you the ability to control your time. — Tonya Rapley
  • Get rid of the crab mentality to be able to earn. — Anne-Lyse
  • Wealth can be available to anyone and it isn’t limited to the monetary. — Tonya Rapley
  • Make decisions that will allow your money to grow. — Tonya Rapley
  • Focus on your most immediate goal and what you need to accomplish that. — Tonya Rapley
  • Start with that one thing you feel is preventing you from going to your next level. — Tonya Rapley
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About the Guest:

Tonya Rapley is an internationally recognized millennial money expert, mompreneur, and founder of the award-winning site, My Fab Finance. She is the author of the Amazon best-seller, The Money Manual: A Practical Guide To Help You Succeed on Your Financial Journey and co-host of the award-winning series Going From Broke, executive produced by Ashton Kutcher and Color Full Lives podcast.

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