Episode 2 with Michelle Richburg

How to Build a Successful Career as a Business and Wealth Manager in Sports and Entertainment

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Michelle Richburg, “Banker for the Stars”

Our Dreamer joining me on the podcast for this episode is Michelle Richburg.

Over the span of nearly 30 years, Michelle Richburg has developed a specialized niche in the financial services industry as a “banker for the stars.”

Her client list has included high profile entertainers,  professional athletes, and business leaders. She has been recognized by Billboard as a top Business Manager and Power Player. She has also been recognized by Diversity as a 2021 Player to watch.

From junior high school, Michelle rose through the ranks from check processor to Senior Vice President after graduating from  Mercy College with a BS in Business Administration.

Stimulated by a passion for professional growth and for helping others, she transitioned from the bank and established Richburg Enterprises, LLC.

In this episode, you will learn about:

·      Her journey as a Banking executive and how a lay off redirected her career

·      How she began her career in Sports and Entertainment

·      The importance of having mentors and asking for what you want

·      How she balanced a successful career as a single mother

·      How to get started as a business manager

·      The impact the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has had on her business

·      What it takes to have long-term success

·      Her biggest money mistake

·      Why it’s important to learn how to use credit

·      The financial lessons she learned from her grandmother and the role she played in her career trajectory


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