Episode 46

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This week’s episode is a short one, but it’s extremely personal. I recently received an inheritance, but I rarely talk about it for two reasons that I share in this episode.

Processing my emotions about that highlighted even more how important it is to talk about generational wealth. If I felt that kind of pressure about receiving an inheritance, I can only imagine how someone with less experience and awareness about money and personal finance would feel.

This is why educating the youth about financial literacy, especially in the Black community, has been part of my mission and will continue to be so. Wealth gives us more options in life. And regardless of your financial situation, you can still build your wealth for yourself and your family.

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • When it comes to personal finance, one of the things that I’m really grateful for is having financial education.
  • I truly think that everything happens in divine timing. As I see the way my life has unfolded this past year, I believe that I was just preparing for the next stage of my life, which is actually being tested.
  • I decided to make a change in my life and focus on work that lights me up, which is what I’ve been doing for the past two years.
  • My goal is to help my kids in various ways while I’m here, and that’s building wealth. Transitioning the wealth while I’m here, serving as a guide to help them build more wealth, investing in them, and so much more. 
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