Episode 43 with Patrice Washington

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Can you imagine earning more without ever chasing money? Did you ever take the time to define what wealth looks like for you?

In episode 43 of the podcast, our guest, transformational speaker, and business coach Patrice Washington, tells us all about how to redefine wealth for ourselves and why we should chase purpose, not money.

Patrice Washington built a seven-figure business in her early 20’s and lost everything by 30 after the Great Recession. She will tell us all about:

  • How to redefine wealth for yourself
  • How she built a new seven-figure business in alignment with her purpose
  • The power of setting intentions
  • The importance of staying committed no matter the size of your audience.
  • How to scale joy in your life.
  • How paying for peace has helped her increase her income.

Patrice’s story is full of inspiration and teaches us that despite the challenges and hurdles you face in life when you stay committed and keep the faith, your purpose will help you find your way.

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • I learned that surrendering was not giving up. It’s letting go of whatever control I thought I had at that time, and really leaning into my faith. – Patrice Washington
  • This journey was not just about chasing money, it was about seeking wisdom. – Patrice Washington
  • There is power in never giving up, trusting the process, and leaning into your faith. – Anne-Lyse Wealth
  • Knowledge is information while wisdom is the application. We use them interchangeably, but they’re not the same. – Patrice Washington
  • Don’t measure success based solely on what’s in your bank account, instead look at wealth from a more holistic perspective. – Patrice Washington
  • You have to change your mindset before the money comes. – Patrice Washington
  • There are things you may need to heal, in order to really make progress so that you can see the opportunity so that you can make better decisions with the money you do have. – Patrice Washington
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In 2020, SUCCESS Magazine named Patrice Washington one of 12 Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development and she continues to be consistently called on for her expertise by national media. As an award-winning intuitive author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and conscious media personality, Patrice is committed to teaching a holistic approach to life while redefining the term “wealth” back to its original meaning, “well-being.”

Patrice got her start as “America’s Money Maven,” a widely-known favorite personal finance expert, but has since expanded her mission to encourage people to chase purpose, not money. She uses her Certification in Financial Psychology to help the masses get beyond budgets and credit reports and dive into the heart of why we behave the way we do with money. Through her Spirit-led teachings and intuitive guidance, Patrice empowers her community to look at life through the lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity.

As host of her award-winning “The Redefining Wealth Podcast,” Patrice has built a thriving international community of high-achievers committed to creating a fulfilled life through balancing their careers, home, health, and personal finances. Featured on Forbes.com as one of “15 Inspiring Podcasts for Professionals of Every Stripe,” and highlighted by InStyle Magazine, SUCCESS magazine, and Entrepreneur.com, the Redefining Wealth Podcast boasts over 7 million downloads and counting.

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