Episode 90 with Latasha Peterson

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From constantly refinancing debt, starting a side hustle to pay off debt, and turning that side hustle into a multiple 6-figure businesses, Dreamer Latasha Peterson’s story is a testament that anybody can become good with money.

In today’s episode, Latasha shares how through education, mindset changes, consistent action and creativity, she was able to rewrite her family’s money story.

Now a globally recognized Side Hustle Expert, Latasha shares with us the key steps to create a profitable side hustle, and how to find a side hustle that suits your talents and expertise and could generate multiple sources of income for you.

In this episode, Latasha Peterson discusses:   
  • Key steps to start a profitable side hustle
  • How she turned a $150 investment into a multiple six-figure businesses
  • Key changes to make to improve her financial situation and start building generational wealth
  • How to utilize Pinterest & SEO to increase your revenue
  • Key ingredients for a successful blog
  • How to turn a side hustle into a successful business
  • Building additional streams of income
  • Side hustles with low startup costs

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • After I had my first son, I wanted a different life for him. I have to understand how to manage money. And so, I began to do a deep dive and look at personal finance blogs. The biggest turnaround point was when I had my first child. – Latasha Peterson
  • It really takes some intentionality and education to change that mindset. – Anne-Lyse Wealth
  • When you get to your fed-up point, stuff starts to shift and change, and you do what you can to shift it. –  Latasha Peterson
  • A big thing is staying consistent. You may not see instant results, but if you stick with it, keep learning, keep tweaking, and keep switching up what you need to switch up, something is going to open up. – Latasha Peterson
  • Find side hustles that align with your skills and talents. – Latasha Peterson
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Latasha Peterson is a globally recognized Side Hustle Expert, Blogging coach, Wife, Mother of three, Speaker, and Founder of Arts and Budgets, LLC. She helps ambitious side hustlers turn their side hustles into profitable careers to create multiple income streams. She has personally created 10 income streams and earns over $10k per month with her blog.

She has been featured in TIME, Next Advisor, CNBC, Grow + Acorns, Black Enterprise, Business Insider, Bankrate, Legal Zoom, Plutus Foundation, Smart Blogger, Tailwind, and many more.

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