Episode 48 with Raquel Curtis

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How would you rate your relationship with money? Do you know your financial triggers?

The relationship we have with money has so much to do with our mindset when it comes to money.

Discipline is one of the most important things you need to have if you want to walk the path towards financial freedom.

This week, the Dreamer joining us is none other than Raquel Curtis, also known as “The Boujee Banker”, an international money coach, speaker, and author. In this episode, she shares with us the art of understanding your true financial picture, which deeply requires you to be honest with yourself first.

Be inspired by Raquel as she recounts how she was able to bounce back after hardships when she lost everything, as well as learn tips to help you control your financial triggers.

How much further would we be in life if we learned to master our money mindset from a young age?

We also dive into how parents who aim to build generational wealth can pass on financial literacy to their children.

In this episode, Raquel talks about:

  • What made her decide to change her financial habits
  • How she mastered her money mindset to change her life
  • Paying attention to your relationship with money
  • Teaching her children about personal finance
  • Working, understanding, and appreciating the value of earning
  • Her advice for positively transforming your finances
  • Identifying your financial triggers and protecting yourself from them
  • How to gain control of your finances

May Raquel’s story serve as an inspiration to all of you Dreamers on how you can reinvent yourself and live an abundant and thriving life!

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • Whatever was going on internally was then being presented externally. – Raquel Curtis
  • We need to realize that there’s an emotional and psychological attachment that we have with money and once we get down into those layers and really identify what they are, then you’ll be ready for the budget. – Raquel Curtis
  • Start paying attention to the foundation of your relationship with money. – Raquel Curtis
  • You can still go out in the world and do all the things and look great and all those things, but look yourself in the mirror and really understand who you are and where you are with your finances. – Raquel Curtis
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Raquel Curtis a.k.a. “The Boujee Banker” is a mother of three beautiful girls and a graduate of Grand Canyon University where she completed her MBA while working as a banker.  After losing her job due to the pandemic, Raquel started her own business helping others tackle their relationship with money.

Raquel has grown to become an international money management coach helping women all over the world take control of their finances by repairing their relationship with money and holding them accountable for saving thousands of dollars and paying down debt.

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