Episode 89 with Chloé Daniels

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Debt freedom, investing? This week’s dreamer Chloé Daniels @clobaremoneycoach discusses how to do both.

When she was younger, Chloé associated money with stress. She was determined to earn a high income. But even after making money by landing a job and promotion in corporate America, she still ended up hoarding money, overspending, and mismanaging her finances.

Chloé quickly realized that increasing her income wasn’t enough. She needed to also learn how to manage money if she wanted to become financially secure.

In 3 years, she went from being in debt to increasing her net worth by $300k in her early thirties.

In this episode, Chloé shares with us the key changes she had to make to finally be in control of her money, learn to invest, and leading her to becoming a successful money coach.

In this episode, Chloé Daniels discusses:   
  • How to build wealth the lazy way
  • How she overcame her early struggles with managing money
  • Her big “wake-up” call about her finances
  • How she went from living paycheck to paycheck to increasing her net worth by $300k in 3 years
  • Beliefs she changed in order to build wealth
  • Her journey traveling as a digital entrepreneur

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • I saw the stress that the lack of money caused my parents. I didn’t think of how making money wasn’t the solution. It was also learning how to manage money. – Chloé Daniels
  • I didn’t start investing until 29, and the thing is—we can always ponder on the fact that we didn’t start sooner. But the best next thing is to start right now. – Chloé Daniels
  • Where our money goes is what we value. When we can decide where our money goes when we have that discretionary income, that’s showing us what we really value. – Chloé Daniels
  • It’s easier to only focus on one thing, but what happens when you’re waiting two or five years before you start investing, you’re missing out on valuable time that you could be earning that amount of money. – Chloé Daniels
  • Often, we are making that decision to only pursue debt freedom and to wait on the investment because we don’t fully understand opportunity costs. -Chloé Daniels
  • Eliminating that belief and truly believing that I could make as much money as I wanna make—that shifted everything for me. When you own your own business, the amount of money you can make is only limited by you. – Chloé Daniels
Show Transcript:
About the Guest:

Chloé Daniels, founder of Clo Bare Money Coach and The Lazy Investor’s Course, is a money coach focused on helping people learn how to invest and build wealth the lazy way. She’s been featured on CNBC + Acorns, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Business Insider, TIME, and more. Her ultimate goal is to provide education in a fun, easy-to-understand, and accessible way. She is known for her reels and TikToks that showcase her terrible dance moves while also providing financial tips. She’s currently on a road trip around the country with her dog and can be found on Instagram and TikTok.

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