As parents, we all want our kids to live financially free, and live a wealthy life.

But raising financial grownups is not that easy. Luckily, this episode is a great start for any parent trying to figure out how to make it happen.

Bobbi Rebell, the author of Launching Financial Grownups: Live Your Richest Life by Helping Your (Almost) Adult Kids Become Everyday Money Smart, is the Dreamer joining us this week to share tips on raising financially smart “almost-adult” kids, lessons you should teach your kids before college, breaking off “helicopter parenting”, and more.

No parent wants their kids to fail but if we take the time to teach them how to manage money, debt, and build credit at an early age, we are lowering the chances of financial failure.

In this episode, Bobbi Rebell discusses:   
  • Guiding your almost-adult kids towards financial success
  • Drawing the line between stepping up and providing financial support to your kids
  • Money lessons you should teach your kids before college
  • Breaking off helicopter parenting
  • Helping teenagers become financial grownups
  • Top three things about money your kids should know before graduating high school

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Dreamers’ Wealth of Wisdom:
  • The sooner you start letting your kids figure things out and just be there to help them, the easier it’s going to be for you to let go in the future. — Anne Lyse
  • Let your kids live within their means. — Bobbi Rebell
  • We need to our children have the satisfaction and not make them feel bad if they’re not doing what we are doing.  — Bobbi Rebell
  • We are their parents, they are children, but they’re adults and they can do things for themselves. We shouldn’t undermine that and we should not assume that they can’t and if they really can’t, then we need to be parents and get them to a point where they can. — Bobbi Rebell
  • Respect the fact that your children may make financial decisions that you don’t agree with.  — Bobbi Rebell
  • Make sure you’re having a continuous dialogue with your child about money and finances.  — Bobbi Rebell
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Bobbi Rebell, CFP® is the author of Launching Financial Grownups: Live Your Richest Life by Helping Your (Almost) Adult Kids Become Everyday Money Smart. She is a speaker, conference host, and moderator, and works as a spokesperson for brands aligned with her values. Bobbi is also the host of the critically acclaimed Money Tips for Financial Grownups podcast, which has more than 700,000 downloads. In 2021 she launched a new venture, as a fun way to promote adulting and being a financial grownup. Earlier in her career, Bobbi was a global business news anchor and personal finance columnist at Reuters and held various journalist positions at top news outlets including CNBC, CNN, and PBS. Bobbi is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and received her Certificate in Financial Planning from New York University. Her first book “How to Be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom” was released in 2016. She lives in New York City with her family.

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