Episode 41 with Jackie Cummings Koski

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How to Retire a Millionaire in Your Forties Even if You Don’t Earn Six-Figures.

For some who were born with a golden spoon in their mouth, money isn’t a problem. But for most of us who have experienced poverty and lived a challenging life, money is something we value.

With that being said, retirement planning is critical, and gaining knowledge and perspective on its advantages will greatly help you in the long run.

This episode is a story of hope, perseverance, and a testament that with knowledge we can change our circumstances.

The Dreamers,  joining us on the podcast this week is Jackie Cummings Koski, a Certified Personal Finance Educator and the author of the book “Money Letters 2 my Daughter.” Jackie talks about investing, retirement and financial planning, her investment strategy, and how to determine your F.I.R.E. number.

Jackie is proof that you can rewrite your story and change the outcome of your life after going through trials as long as you don’t give up.

You can begin investing at any time, but it is most effective if you start it as early as now.

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Dreamer’s Wealth of Wisdom:
  • It was very helpful for me to look at others and see what they were doing to help me be more detailed about putting my plans together and where I needed to make adjustments. – Jackie Cummings Koski
  • Sometimes it’s not about maximizing your profit every time. Sometimes you just have to make the best decisions. – Anne-Lyse Wealth
  • Even though you might not financially be even close, with the right mindset and behavior, you can start creating your dreams, or imagining what your life looks like. – Jackie Cummings Koski
  • It’s so so important to find people that you connect with when you’re trying to do something so different from what the rest of everybody else is doing. When in moments of doubt, you can learn from them as well. – Jackie Cummings Koski
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Jackie Cummings Koski is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®), and the author of the book, “Money Letters 2 my Daughter”, which was the 2013 winner of Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award for Adult’s Book of the Year, Money Management. After overcoming poverty, divorce, and single motherhood, Jackie still reached Financial Independence/Retired Early (FI/RE) in her 40s, making less than six figures.

She openly shares how she overcame those adversities and climbed into the middle class. Jackie not only broke the cycle of poverty but retired decades before others told her she could with a net worth of over $1 million. She officially left her corporate job in December 2019 to follow her dream of creating a financial-literate society. She believes that learning is a never-ending process and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning and Financial Therapy at Kansas State University.

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